Contact Us

In an effort to make it simpler to access the correct Canopius claims handler as quickly as possible, we have created the following services to assist our clients:

Claims Helpdesk

If you remain unsure who to contact please call:

0207 337 3958 (core working hours)

If they can't answer your query directly, they will be able to put you in touch with the appropriate person.

International offices

To contact any of our international offices, please use the following email addresses:

Zurich -
Netherlands -
Singapore -
Bermuda -
Ireland -
Canopius Underwriting Agency, New York -
Canopius US Insurance, Inc. Chicago -

Former Omega International Office Claims

Please use the following email addresses:

OSIL (Bermuda) -
Cologne (Germany) -

Request an update

If you already possess a unique claims reference or a Canopius claims reference, please contact us directly at Request an update and we will respond within 48 working hours.


All of our London claims teams are located on Gallery 9 at Lloyd's and are available on a drop-in basis during all working hours if that is more convenient for you.


We are continually striving to further improve the service that we provide to our clients and would welcome any feedback or suggestions either via Feedback or directly to any member of our claims management team.