Key Facts

01. International insurance and reinsurance group, incorporated in Guernsey.

02. Group formed via MBO in December 2003, with £25m equity capital.

03. Group total capital resources in excess of £600m.

04. Majority owned by funds managed by private equity group Bregal Capital LLP; Canopius Group's management own 5% share. 18 December 2013 announcement that Canopius is to be acquired 100% by Sompo Japan Insurance Inc, a subsidiary of NKSJ Holdings; an A+ rated company with $90bn net assets and one of the top three Japanese insurers.

05. Operations in UK,Ireland, Switzerland, Bermuda, US, Singapore, and Australia.

06. Group strategic ownership interest in Arista Insurance Limited (75%) and Resource Underwriting Pacific Pty Ltd (75%).

07. Group financial highlights 2013 (2012): gross written premiums £866m (£692m); post-tax profit to shareholders £99m (£49m); investment return 1.4% (3.8%); return on equity 25% (17%).

08. c.600 staff employed as at 31st March 2014.

09. Canopius Managing Agents Limited is the 10th largest (and one of the largest privately-owned) managing agent at Lloyd's.

10. Three managed syndicates for 2014: 4444, 958, and 260.

11. Syndicates 4444 and 958 underwrite a diversified portfolio of insurance and reinsurance business across over 100 countries worldwide. The large majority of business is written on a joint stamp basis.

12. Syndicate 260 underwrites a portfolio of specialist UK motor business.

13. The capacities of our managed syndicates for 2014 are £700m (4444); £175m (958); and £70m (260).

14. For 2014, Canopius Group controls 100% of capacity on Syndicate 4444; 61% on Syndicate 958; and 92% on Syndicate 260.

15. Projected gross premiums written for 2014 (on a GAAP basis) are £806m (4444), £211m (958), and £67m (260).

16. Syndicates 4444, 958, and 260 offer strong Lloyd's A+ /A security.

17. Canopius's name is derived from Nathaniel Canopius, a Cretan scholar studying at Oxford who is reputed to have
brewed the first cup of coffee in England in 1637.