Canopius Follow Risk

Canopius Follow Risk (CFR) is positioned alongside our lead business as a way to partner with genuine experts in our non-core products. We want to sit behind our partners in these lines and share in their alpha, while offering them an opportunity to work with Canopius and to benefit from our support in terms of capacity, security and brand.

Why engage with CFR?

Canopius CFR offers meaningful capacity in terms of limit, aggregate and income across multiple products. Based in Lloyd’s, we have the licenses to underwrite business globally. We also provide the security of Lloyd’s high-quality A+ financial rating (S&P), as well as its Central Fund. Working with Canopius CFR means working with one of the strongest brands in the Lloyd’s market.

We are looking to partner with genuine leading underwriters, with a long-term track record and very clear strategy and vision for their business. We also seek opportunities where our A-rated capital, strong balance sheet and customised service can be an added value.


Consortia – capacity for select Lloyd’s market leaders
Bespoke pro rata – Quota Shares to select London and International market partners
Consider MGAs– differentiated product, an alternative distribution method or expertise in a niche


Retail/wholesale insurance brokers
Reinsurance brokers


  • Experience, expertise and resources to support and underwrite large range products of (re)insurance products
  • The ability to make quick decisions
  • True, customised service and solution for our partners
  • Alignment of interest between parties


USD 15M per risk