Who We Are

At Canopius we genuinely want to foster a distinctive, positive culture. A culture which gives space for us all to flourish as people and which contributes to building a business which delivers profitable, sustainable results.

We seek to do this by being ourselves and embracing individuality, prizing collaboration, speaking as truthfully as we can bear, encouraging sharp and diverse thinking and getting good work done.

This articulation isn’t an exercise in corporate vanity, nor is it a rule book. It is a sincere effort at capturing the essence of what is distinctive about Canopius, how we want to be with each other and what is genuinely aspired for.

  • Be kind, caring, open and honest
  • Sharp thinking and open-mindedness are prized
  • Taking responsibility and seizing opportunity are encouraged
  • Individuality is embraced
  • Status, ego and bureaucracy are unwelcome

Ours is a market which is as much about rigorous thinking as it is about human relationships. We see honesty and a lack of pretense as being at the heart of this and is a central tenet of everything we seek to do and be. But with this comes a genuine warmth – being honest also requires understanding and importantly, kindness.

“You feel like you’re important and that your views matter.”

Being authentic to ourselves sits deep within our culture and is a prized quality; it is something we hold on to dearly. We are willing to learn from mistakes or to seek a better solution as this is what equips us in facing up to tough conversations. We encourage everyone to be curious and, above all, to be compassionate.

“I feel supported and safe in challenging others and in being challenged myself… it makes me aim higher.”

Everyone at Canopius is free to contribute, to think things through, to challenge and to make things happen – to be empowered. An entrepreneurial spirit is at our heart, so we offer everyone the freedom to act and to challenge anything which is seemingly standing in the way of us achieving our purpose.

“The individual freedom to explore ideas truly fosters entrepreneurship.”

Respecting differences and diversity are necessary to create a work environment which feels safe and accepting – this is required to give people the space to bring their whole selves to work. We believe that being inclusive is what enables people to give and get the best, and to thrive. In this harnessed individuality lies our collective strength.

“I feel totally free to be myself.”

We believe in cultivating a flexible and positive culture, contrary to what could be perceived as ‘traditional’ ways of working. The status quo and bureaucracy should be continually challenged to keep us and our industry on the front foot. Merit is the marker of success.

“‘Because we’ve always done it this way’ is most definitely the wrong answer.”

To help you discover more about Canopius’ values, we have produced a booklet that offers an insight into what we value and how we seek to be with each other. You can download it here.



London remains our biggest market, and we will use our base in the city to drive profitable growth, diversification and differentiation throughout our geographic hubs.


United States

We see a significant and exciting opportunity for Canopius in the United States in the coming years.



We will continue to push forward with our existing ambition in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, using our base in Singapore to build out scale.



The key to disciplined underwriting is relevance and we will continue to focus on classes where we have expertise, leadership capability, suitable capacity, and the right distribution relationships.



Through quarterly business reviews, we are ensuring robust analysis of performance, shedding unprofitable premium, remediating classes and investing in growth opportunities.


Non-Risk Bearing

We are making the most of non-risk bearing revenue streams where possible.



The success of our claims function is of paramount importance to our business. The promise of paying out all valid claims as promptly and fairly as possible is our guarantee.



We are dedicated to building a more digitally enabled Canopius, through timely and relevant management information.



We are focusing on capital efficiency by avoiding capital fragmentation while balancing financial and operational leverage and by leveraging Lloyd’s ratings and licences.


Positive Culture

We firmly believe that it is our people and culture that sets Canopius apart from other insurance companies.


Approach to Work

We want to create a stimulating office environment with Activity-Based Working at its core, which we see as the physical manifestation of our guiding principle of managing by outcomes.



Good governance is good business because it makes our business better. Our governance framework will always serve the needs of the business first and foremost.

Canopius Explore Who We Are Sliders-Leading-Our-Way We are committed to support people managers across our business in order for them to be better equipped to drive our success. At every level in the business, our leaders are critical to driving performance, encouraging our positive culture to take root, to seizing commercial opportunities and to making our people feel safe, supported and able to flourish.

We offer a custom-built leadership development initiative titled ‘Leading our way’. This programme is expressly focussed on supporting us becoming a well-led organisation; driving good, profitable sustainable business whilst ensuring humanity, respect,

Canopius Explore Who We Are Sliders-Leading-Our-Way We are committed to support people managers across our business in order for them to be better equipped to drive our success.

Helping people to:
• Better themselves
• Feel more empowered
• Flourish
• Prosper
• Enjoy themselves

Doing good, sustainable business.
Leading Our Way

Our Ways of Working

Our Ways of Working-icons-Changed

The way we work has changed.

These days we don’t spend much time at our desks or in meeting rooms and mobile and wireless technology has given us the ability to be more flexible than ever. Activity Based Working takes full advantage of this and will offer a variety of settings conducive for both individual and collaborative work.

Our Ways of Working-icons-Proud

We are proud of being different at Canopius

The change in how we work together is testament to this. Our way of working allows more collaboration and community-building between all of us, which will only strengthen the things that make us who we are.

Canopius Explore Who We Are Sliders-Leading-Our-Way At Canopius we want to foster a distinctive, positive and inclusive culture, allowing us all to flourish and which contributes to building a business which delivers profitable, sustainable results.

It’s important to recognise that within a diverse workforce each person may have a different workplace experience, in part defined by their gender, sexual orientation, age, race, personal beliefs, physical capability, seniority and socio-economic background. The challenges each person faces in their daily lives may be overlooked, unseen or unsupported, meaning employees might be disengaged and not able to fulfil their potential.
Canopius Explore Who We Are Sliders-Leading-Our-Way We also know that the best-performing firms are representative of a diverse pool of talent. But, particularly in our industry, entrenched biases in business and hiring practices have created insurmountable barriers to entry and glass ceilings within organisations.

The Inclusion & Diversity Committee has been created to identify any facets of our business that might impede Canopius’ commitment to create a working experience which gives everyone the freedom to perform and to bring their whole selves to work. It was also created to ensure that we are doing all we can to engage a diverse population of recruits, employees and business partners.
Canopius Explore Who We Are Sliders-Leading-Our-Way We encourage all Canopians to join us in focusing on inclusion and diversity, because it’s not just for those who face difficulties each day. I&D is about everyone. To succeed, we all need to be aware of the challenges our colleagues face and we all have to be made aware of the barriers that are holding back talent. It’s on every one of us to make positive changes to foster a distinctive culture.


Inclusion & Diversity