Structured Treaty

We provide alternative solutions for risk that fall outside the “commoditised” portions of reinsurance programmes. These are areas where client focus, analytics, and flexibility combined with market expertise can be leveraged to offer clients a real choice. There are many organisations that need support in managing risk, yet cannot get suitable service from the conventional market. Situations where structured products might be considered include:

  • Insufficient recognition of a company’s portfolio
  • Requirements for new business lines or restructured portfolios
  • Punitive terms owing to historical or market factors
  • Inflexibility of cover offered
  • Increased retentions and general risk management issues

We offer a range of products that include aggregate excess of loss, multi-line/multi-year and stop loss contracts. Features such as aggregate deductibles, floating retentions, profit sharing, franchise triggers, etc. may be used to generate an alignment of interest.

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