Credit, Political Risk & Crisis Management Insurance


With growing geo-political tensions, Canopius’ specialised global political risk, trade and credit underwriting team provide a range of classes to provide cover in losses that may result from government action, political unrest and economic turmoil. Our offices in London and Singapore provide specialism and capacity that give our clients assurance to secure overseas assets and protect financial payments.

What we do

Crisis Management

We underwrite a specialist book of crisis management products, namely sabotage and terrorism; and kidnap and ransom. We offer an excellent service and response capability, with high levels of underwriter availability and the flexibility to respond to short-term situations as well as generally recognised threats. Our team is also supported by expert risk and crisis consultants.
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Credit & Political Risk

We participate on both large syndicated placements and a number of risks on a 100% basis. The business is written mainly through Lloyd’s brokers with whom we work closely to provide cover appropriate to their clients’ requirements. We have the capacity, ability, preference and general appetite to lead business; we take a lead or co-lead position for most risks in which we participate.
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Trade Political Risk

Trade Political Risk is an emerging-market trade-focused team of underwriters whose background is principally in contract frustration and political risk, with a strong subset in commercial credit. Canopius is primarily focused towards providing indemnification to insureds who have made a financial loss, either to their assets or investments in a foreign country, or whilst engaging in corporate and sovereign lending or trade related business.
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What sets us apart

  • We believe in building lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Managing complex risk often requires individual interaction and thoughtful dialogue. Our specialist underwriters are in regular contact with their clients to keep abreast of evolving markets and offer a technical approach to pricing.
  • Our underwriting expertise and proactive approach affords us the flexibility to take a broad view, challenge the status quo and partner in creative ways to address the unique risks of each client.
  • Through the application of our underwriting expertise and proactive approach, we have the capability and flexibility to respond swiftly to market developments and structure bespoke products to match our clients’ needs.
  • We offer a technical approach to pricing and breadth of knowledge from our specialist underwriters who travel extensively to maintain their knowledge of their markets, clients and products.
  • A strong support team of expert risk and crisis consultants, including a dedicated Catastrophe analyst team.
  • We have a dedicated specialist in-house claims team to ensure the prompt payment of valid claims.


What does Canopius’ crisis management insurance cover?
Canopius’ crisis management insurance covers a wide range of scenarios, including sabotage and terrorism, kidnap and ransom, property or personal extortion, hijack, wrongful detention, political evacuations and repatriation, death and dismemberment, and more.

What industries does Canopius provide crisis management insurance for?
The industries covered include utilities, industrial, energy, transportation, manufacturing, mining, retail, commercial, construction, and leisure, including residential.

Can Canopius respond to short-term situations and recognised threats?
Yes, Canopius offers excellent service and response capabilities, with the flexibility to respond to both short-term situations following a flash-point and generally recognised threats, supported by expert risk and crisis consultants.

Does Canopius offer bespoke crisis management insurance products?
Yes, in addition to supporting market wordings, Canopius provides bespoke wordings as required and offers a range of additional coverages including Terrorism Liability, Active Assailant, and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical cover.

What support is available for kidnap and ransom insurance policyholders?
For kidnap and ransom insurance, Canopius offers 24/7 and 365 days a year expert response and claims-handling capabilities, including the expenses of expert crisis consultants, salary benefits, rest and rehabilitation, and business interruption.