Specie & Fine Art Insurance

Specie & Fine Art Insurance

Canopius is a leading specie and fine art insurance provider. We have a long history of specialised experience and technical expertise giving us the skill and knowledge to work with a vast range of clients and develop insurance solutions for their complex risks.

We provide specie and fine art insurance protection for valuable interests on display, in storage and in transit. Coverage is provided world-wide for all risks of physical loss and damage.

We work with a diverse clientele, including commercial galleries, art dealers, auction houses, private collectors, museums, and art exhibitors.

What we do

  • Cash in Transit insurance
    • Covering companies involved with the collection, processing and delivery of cash and other high value interests
  • Fine Art insurance
    • Books
    • Ceramics
    • Fine wine
    • Furniture
    • Historical artefacts
    • Memorabilia
    • Musical instruments
    • Paintings
    • Sculptures
  • General Specie insurance
    • Bullion
    • Cash
    • Precious metals
    • Securities
    • Valuable documents
  • Jewellers Block insurance
    • Diamonds
    • Jewellery

What sets us apart

  • We work closely with our clients to develop long-standing, transparent relationships and to provide bespoke coverage for their evolving needs
  • The team at Canopius is focused on providing the highest levels of service with quick, flexible and consistent decisions
  • Our dedicated in-house claims team has the ability to adjust claims of any size or complexity


USD 130 million

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What is fine arts and specie insurance?
Fine arts and specie insurance provides coverage for valuable items such as artworks, collectibles, jewellery, precious metals, cash and other high-value assets against risks such as physical loss and damage.

This type of insurance is specialised and tailored to the unique needs of clients who own or manage such assets, with policies generally offering protection for items on display, in storage, or in transit.

What is the specie market?
The specie market refers to the market for valuable items such as artworks, jewellery, collectibles, precious metals, cash, and other high-value assets. It includes the buying, selling, and trading of these items, as well as the various industries and businesses involved in their production, distribution, and preservation.

Canopius is one of the most trusted insurance providers operating within this market, and we provide specialised insurance products to protect these valuable assets against risks.

What is specie risk?
Specie risk refers to the potential for loss or damage to valuable assets such as artworks, collectibles, cash and other high-value items. This risk can arise from various factors including theft, accidents, transportation mishaps, and other unforeseen events.

Canopius’ specie insurance helps mitigate this risk by providing coverage against such events, ensuring that clients are financially protected in the event of loss or damage to their valuable assets.