Construction & Engineering Insurance

Construction & Engineering Insurance

We underwrite direct engineering and construction risks from our offices in London and Singapore. We work closely with intermediaries to provide products appropriate to their distribution channels and complex client requirements. We employ a specialist team that enables us to take a leading role in the market, providing the necessary critical experience and expertise.

What we do

Our team focuses on project-specific risks on a world-wide basis and in all segments of onshore activities including but not limited to:

  • Infrastructure
  • Commercial / residential buildings
  • Surface mining
  • Chemical processing
  • Mechanical processing
  • Gas processing
  • None specific EAR
  • Pipelines
  • Power generation
  • Petrochemical construction

The London portfolio comprises:

  • Contractors All Risks and Erection All Risks, which can include:
    • Delay in Start-up / Advanced Loss of Revenue
    • Public liability
    • Existing property

We also underwrite engineering reinsurance on both a proportional and excess of loss basis.


USD $30 million PML Line

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What types of insurance does Canopius offer for construction and engineering projects?
Canopius underwrites direct engineering and construction risks globally from our London office. Working closely with intermediaries, we provide tailored products suitable for their distribution channels and complex client requirements.

Our specialist team possesses critical experience and expertise, allowing us to take a leading role in the market. Insurance for construction and engineering, including construction all risk insurance, doesn’t have to be complicated.

What specific risks does Canopius cover in the construction and engineering sectors?
Our team focuses on project-specific risks world-wide, including infrastructure, commercial/residential buildings, surface mining, chemical processing, mechanical processing, gas processing, pipelines, power generation, and petrochemical construction.

What makes Canopius the right choice when choosing an insurance provider?
Canopius is the perfect choice for insurance provision thanks to our specialised expertise in construction and engineering sectors.

We offer bespoke solutions crafted through personalised consultations. We ensure consistent coverage and support world-wide and are committed to exceptional service. Responsiveness, transparency, and professionalism are core values to us, and we prioritise providing peace of mind to our clients throughout the insurance process.