Cyber Insurance

Cyber attacks are the fastest-growing threat to modern businesses, with billions of attempts by hackers every year. As organisations rely on IT systems to manage most, if not all, of their critical business systems, insurance policies that adequately protect your IT infrastructure against loss or damage as a result of a successful hack is essential.

We insure businesses across the spectrum, in respect of their cyber exposure, for up to $20 million (USD) per risk in aggregate and $20 million (USD) for delegated authorities and binders. This comes with the financial security provided by Lloyd’s chain of security.

Our policies are aimed at two distinct market sectors; innovative and bespoke solutions for global/multi-national entities and comprehensive, turnkey solutions for retail brokers, insurers and managing general underwriters. With direct access to the underwriters, your core business operations and threats to them, can be properly addressed in the resulting solution.

Our portfolio comprises of:

  • Full 1st and 3rd party cyber coverage
  • Non-physical business interruption damage
  • Remediation costs, including any fines and penalties
  • Network security liability
  • Breaches of privacy liability, including data breaches
  • Technology errors and omissions
  • Social engineering coverage
  • Physical damage caused by cyberattacks

There is a broad appetite for industry sectors, which includes but is not limited to, the following: technology, retail, healthcare, financial institutions, manufacturing, utilities and aviation. Policies are available worldwide on either an insurance or reinsurance basis, where licensing permits.

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Canopius Cyber Breach Response

Canopius Cyber Breach Response

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