Proactive Cyber Services


At Canopius, our commitment to excellence shines through our proactive client services, run by our Insights & Analytics team in collaboration with carefully chosen experts.

Our Insights & Analytics team is at the forefront of data-driven solutions, collecting and harnessing advanced analytics across the insurance lifecycle – from policy issuance and claims to incident response. This, combined with our strategic partnerships encompassing a wide range of expertise, ensures that we can provide effective, up-to-date and informed services to safeguard your digital future.

By doing so, we are fostering a culture of responsibility and seizing opportunities to be more than just an insurer – we are your trusted partner.

What we do

These Core Services are available to all of our primary policyholders.

Threat Intelligence Reports
We provide quarterly industry-specific threat intelligence reports, summarizing the cyber threats observed through our claims, CIMT, and threat intelligence capabilities.

BitSight Security Report
BitSight Security Reports offer actionable insights into your digital footprint and exposure, helping improve your overall cyber posture.

NetDiligence eRisk Hub
The e-risk hub provides cyber tools, training material, articles, best practices checklists, breach costs calculators, and policy templates.

Launching in Q2 2024, Canopius’ mobile application will provide targeted cyber articles, reports, alerts, and will also facilitate easy claims reporting.

Training Workshops
We conduct webinars and group trainings for our insureds, summarizing the latest threats and providing recommendations on preventative measures.

Our Premium Services offer personalized, exclusive benefits to eligible* policyholders, enhancing their coverage. These are dedicated solutions tailored to the specific needs of the client, and include:

Company Threat Reports
Stay ahead of cyber threats with our comprehensive bespoke reports providing up-to-date insights into current threats facing your organisation, attack surface exposure, and recommendations to mitigate against likely threats.

Table Top Exercises
Test and enhance your incident response preparedness and crisis response with our immersive tabletop simulations.

Roadmap Development
We can consult and advise organisations looking to mature their cybersecurity posture. We use threat intelligence to advise on the most appropriate controls, and support in the development of an implementation plan.

Training Sessions
We can provide training sessions or presentations to specific teams, roles, and functions, or to your entire workforce.

Policy & Procedure Development
We can help you plug holes in your security policies, providing tailored documentation aligned with industry best practices.

*Please speak to a Canopius Cyber Underwriter to determine eligibility.

What sets us apart

Our Threat Intelligence capability stands at the forefront of cyber risk management, powered by expert analysts and the latest technology. Built upon the rich data collected by our dedicated cyber incident management team, supplemented by premium threat intelligence feeds and platforms, we offer a unique and comprehensive view of the cyber threat landscape.

We firmly believe that the fusion of threat intelligence with our claims data provides an unparalleled perspective on cyber risk, enabling us to not only refine our underwriting processes but also to share invaluable insights with our clients.

We use our threat intelligence capabilities to work with our clients, aiming to significantly reduce their cyber risk and secure their digital operations.

  • Flexible & Data-Driven Underwriting: Threat Intelligence empowers our underwriters to perform more accurate risk assessments, offering clients more precise and cost-effective coverage. Threat Intelligence bolsters the expertise of our underwriting team, enabling more ‘creative’ underwriting of risks that have unique exposures.
  • Control Guidance: At Canopius, we don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach – each organisation has its own unique exposures, risks and threats. We use threat intelligence to calculate the optimal control set for an organisation and we can share this guidance with applicants or policyholders upon request. This guidance can help support an organisation’s efforts to minimise its exposure in line with its evolving threat landscape.
  • Threat Reports & Webinars: Insights from our threat intelligence capabilities are reported through threat reports and webinars. Furthermore, tailored threat intelligence reports include additional attack surface management findings, attacks and campaigns targeted against a company’s peers, cyber threat benchmarking, leaked credentials, and dark web chatter.
  • Cyber Incident Management: Our cyber incident management team leverages threat intelligence to expedite response times and provide informed strategies for threat mitigation.
  • Outside-In Scanning: We use our threat intelligence to contextualize and prioritize the findings of our outside-in scanning solution, BitSight. By doing so, we transform raw data into a strategic plan for managing an organisation’s attack surface.
  • Our Proactive Cyber Services: Each of our services – whether a table-top exercise, roadmap development exercise, or a training session – is informed by our threat intelligence capabilities. We are moving away from ‘following the crowd’ and use our proprietary threat intelligence function to guide strategy and our advice.

Speak to one of our specialist Proactive Cyber Services Team