Cyber Incident Response

Global Cyber Incident Response Service

Canopius offers rapid and expert cyber incident response for policyholders and primary insureds.

For our policyholders or primary insureds, we offer a comprehensive incident response service. Within just two hours of calling or emailing our Incident Response Team, an Incident Manager will provide a call-back to conduct an initial incident fact find.

During this call, the Incident Manager will triage appropriate steps to respond to the incident, which may include engaging one or more of our expert service providers from our panel which includes forensics, legal services, public relations, and ransom negotiators.

Our Incident Managers are based strategically across the globe giving you 24-hour coverage and can liaise in any world-wide language. They are seasoned experts in handling cyber incidents and will support your company with clear guidelines and action plans to get your business back to operating as swiftly as possible.

The Canopius Incident Response team is highly trained in Crisis Management; they remain calm and composed and are able to confidently guide your business through each step. They will effectively ‘project manage’ the incident, calling on necessary resources and expertise where needed.

Working closely with the Incident Response team our specialist claims handlers are quick to assess, respond and support your business.




What is the Canopius Cyber Incident Response Service?

At Canopius, our Cyber Incident Response service is a comprehensive solution designed to assist policyholders in the event of a cyber incident.

This service ensures that you receive immediate and expert support to effectively manage and mitigate the impacts of cyber threats, including any cyber attack.

Our approach to Cyber Insurance incident response is proactive and tailored to address the unique challenges of each incident.

How quickly can I expect a response after reporting an incident?

Upon reporting a cyber incident to us, you can expect a prompt response. Our policy is to ensure that an Incident Manager contacts you within two hours of your report.

This rapid response is a critical aspect of our Cyber Insurance incident response strategy, allowing us to quickly assess and formulate an action plan.

What kind of support can I expect during a cyber incident?

During a cyber incident, our support is multifaceted and comprehensive. As part of our cyber incident response, you will receive guidance from our Incident Managers who are strategically positioned around the globe, providing 24-hour support.

They are experienced in handling a wide range of cyber incidents and will offer clear guidelines and action plans. Our response includes access to expert service providers in areas such as forensics, legal services, public relations, and ransom negotiation.

Additionally, our team is skilled in crisis management, ensuring that your business is supported calmly and effectively through every step of the incident. Our cyber security measures are designed to fortify your defences and mitigate future risks.