Practical Innovation

Practical Innovation


Noun – an empowered approach to collaboration that naturally delivers innovation

Our difference

For us, ‘innovation’ is not a buzzword for new digital products or automated solutions. Innovation, at its heart, means improving and progressing products and services. Unlike other carriers, we do not create complex solutions before understanding the problem. Canopius thrives on coming together with our clients, listening intently, questioning honestly and talking plainly to find practical innovations that simply make sense.


We believe in ‘collaborative co-creation’ with our clients – this is reflected in the feedback we receive; our clients appreciate us as we’re available, interested, and attentive.

“We believe with smart actions we can find tangible, real-world solutions together.”


At Canopius we attract genuine problem-solvers, but these out-of-the-box thinkers begin with basic fundementals. We want to hear you, to know your point of view and the hurdles you may face.

“We dont have solutions looking for problems; we listen to your problems to find solutions.”


By asking the right questions we gain a deeper understanding and we begin to analyse the situation. Our risk-modelling and analytical insights teams are highly rated and respected in their craft.

“Managing complex risk often requires individual interaction and thoughtful dialogue.”


Creating practical innovations by working together reflects the positive and winning culture we foster at Canopius. We encourage our colleagues to collaborate, and we empower everyone to be proactive, ambitious but also accountable for their work.

“When our smart underwriting and claims expertise is fused with this spirit, the possibilities are limitless.”

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