Vave is a fresh approach to insuring high-volume risk. It brings clarity and efficiency to the traditional delegated authority model by combining science, data and underwriting expertise in one team.

In the midst of a blurred and crowded supply chain within high-volume insurance, details can be overlooked, exposure to risk can be ambiguous and products can become obsolete.

VAVE sets out to challenge this. It brings clarity to the inefficient system of placing high-volume business by putting data before anecdote.

VAVE offers a suite of white-labelled API services that produce bindable quotes, allowing brokers to access products electronically, and bind and service them in real time. It uses complex data sets and advanced analytics to paint a detailed picture of a risk, ensuring that small, important details which can impact exposure aren’t lost. VAVE also adapts to dynamic market conditions and ensures products remain relevant to the customer.

Through automation, VAVE has improved inefficiencies in the supply chain for a quicker underwriting process at a lower cost, and with transparency throughout the whole process.

Data-driven: Uses complex, real-time data sets to paint a detailed picture of a risk

Transparent: From each individual risk at the point of sale to the capital behind the portfolios

Customisable: Produces white-labeled quotes and allows direct electronic access to products

Adaptable: Uses feedback from live data to adapt to dynamic market conditions

Cost effective: Lower the transactional cost of underwriting through automation

Next generation: VAVE is an expert team with experience in catastrophe risk, data science & insurance

Hear from Vave as they share their achievements over the past year and look ahead at their ambitious plans for 2022. A special thank you to our financial backers, distribution partners, analytics partners and customers who have contributed to Vave’s success. Wishing you all health and happiness throughout 2022.

VAVE blog image of hurricane

A Note From VAVE

We started Vave in 2018 with a straightforward vision: bring precision underwriting to the catastrophe-exposed property market. Fast forward to the end of 2021 and we witness another year of record-breaking weather in the United States. The third most…

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VAVE team - Siddhant Shashwat, Data Scientist

Meet the VAVE team – Siddhant Shashwat, Data Scientist

Q: How did you end up at Vave? A: I came to the UK in 2019 to do my Master’s in data science at Royal Holloway, University of London. Prior to this, I had a couple years of work…

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VAVE team - Damien Smith, Head of Technology

Meet the VAVE team – Damien Smith, Head of Technology

Q: How did you end up in Vave? A: My background is in Engineering, and I have completed a degree in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering as well as a Masters in Environmental Science and Technology. Following graduation I…

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From concept to fully fledged MGA

Hear from the VAVE leadership team – Marek Shafer, Jamie Martin and Rob Porter – on the company’s journey to becoming a fully fledged MGA, ditching the traditional team hierarchy and what’s next. What is VAVE? Marek: In 2018,…

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Tim Spencer

Meet the VAVE team – Tim Spencer, Head of Portfolio Analytics

Q: How did you end up at VAVE? A: I’ve been working at Canopius for nearly 12 years now. Starting out in the catastrophe management team, I have had the chance to work across a wide range of classes…

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Katie Ball

Meet the VAVE team – Katie Ball, Product Manager

Q: How did you end up in VAVE? A: After completing my degree in Geography and a short stint in PR & Marketing, I took a leap into the world of insurance. Wanting something more relatable to my degree,…

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Emma McGovern

Meet the VAVE team – Emma McGovern, Head of Client Success

Q: How did you end up in VAVE? A: I joined Canopius as a graduate after completing my degree in Natural Hazard Science in Bristol University. Having spent nearly seven years in the catastrophe management team as catastrophe risk…

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Arturo Inks Multi-Year Deal with Vave to Enhance Predictive Analytics in P&C Insurance

Vave is excited to continue its partnership with Their data, property insights and predictive analysis for residential properties, helps us to understand and select the right risks in real-time. “When we began searching for a partner several years…

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Jen Patman joins Vave from Hiscox

Vave announces the appointment of Jen Patman as Flood Product Manager. Jen joins Vave from Hiscox and will start her new role in early 2022. Rob Porter, Product Director at Vave, said: “I am extremely pleased to welcome Jen…

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VAVE media

The insurance technology arms race

The hype about technology, analytics and the untapped value of data in the commercial insurance space is finally bearing fruit for a wide range of carriers. Tech-enabled, data-driven, automated underwriting is delivering multiple benefits. Rob Porter, Head of Product…

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VAVE partner - The Demex Group

The Demex Group and Vave Partner to Offer Parametric Extreme Temperature Insurance

Climate change is driving increased extreme weather, including harsh winter cold snaps and summer heat waves. Small-to-medium business owners feel this acutely – extreme temperature events result in lost revenue and unforeseen expenses in the form of higher utility…

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VAVE media image of flood

Flood risk drivers: Rising sea levels, extreme weather & the moon

Rob Porter, Product Director at VAVE, talks to PropertyCasualty360 about rising sea levels, helping homeowners to understand the flood risk of their properties and the importance of offering policyholders’ choice. The 2030s are expected to usher in 10 years…

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Insider on air webinar

Man vs. Machine: The Big Problem With Big Data

Insurers have access to incredible amounts of information, but how to harness it to best serve their needs? How to take data analytics to the next level? Today Marek Shafer, Managing Director for Vave, joins Insider Engage’s panel “Man…

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