Vave is a fresh approach to insuring high-volume risk. It brings clarity and efficiency to the traditional delegated authority model by combining science, data and underwriting expertise in one team.

In the midst of a blurred and crowded supply chain within high-volume insurance, details can be overlooked, exposure to risk can be ambiguous and products can become obsolete.

Vave sets out to challenge this. It brings clarity to the inefficient system of placing high volume business by putting data before anecdote.

Vave offers a suite of white-labelled API services that produce bindable quotes, allowing brokers to access products electronically, and bind and service them in real time. It uses complex data sets and advanced analytics to paint a detailed picture of a risk, ensuring that small important details which can impact exposure aren’t lost. Vave also adapts to dynamic market conditions and ensures products remain relevant to the customer.

Through automation, Vave has improved inefficiencies in the supply chain for a quicker underwriting process at a lower cost, and with transparency throughout the whole process.

Find out more here, VAVE Fact Sheet

Uses complex, real-time data sets to paint a detailed picture of a risk

Uses feedback from live data to adapt to dynamic market conditions

From each individual risk at the point of sale to the capital behind the portfolios

Cost effective
Lowers the transactional cost of underwriting through automation

Produces white-labelled quotes and allows direct electronic access to products

Next generation
Vave is an expert team with experience in catastrophe risk, data science and insurance