Specie Insurance

We underwrite a broad portfolio of Specie risks.

The fine art and specie team has over 25 years’ combined experience. We adopt a disciplined risk selection approach to align ourselves with insureds who demonstrate strong risk awareness and management. We develop longstanding relationships with our clients and brokers through strong communication and by providing the highest levels of service with quick, flexible and consistent decisions.

We write a balanced portfolio of core and specialty products. From this foundation, we work constantly on developing new solutions to ensure we can respond to our clients’ evolving needs.

We work closely with the other lines of business to develop package products to meet all of our insureds insurance requirements.

Our portfolio comprises of:

  • Fine Art – covering a wide range of artistic media including paintings, prints, books, manuscripts, memorabilia, historical artefacts, textiles, furniture, ceramics, fine wine and musical instruments
  • General Specie – including precious metals, securities, cash and valuable documents
  • Jewellers Block – including diamonds and jewellery along all aspects of the supply chain including whilst being worn by the customer
  • Cash in transit – covering companies involved with the collection, processing and delivery of cash and other high value interests
  • Physical loss or damage to insured interest in transit and in store

Our risk profile for specie is fine art (including private and public collections), museums, auction houses and dealers as well as shippers, packers and specialist storage providers. Our risk profile for general specie is mining, precious metals refiners, coin dealers, security printers and vault and bank storage risks. Our risk profile for jewellers block is manufacturers, wholesalers and private individuals.

We write an international book of business but with specific focus on the US, Europe, the Far East and Africa.

Our capacity is $80 million (USD) maximum line.

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