Inclusion & Diversity

At Canopius we want to foster a distinctive, positive and inclusive culture, allowing us all to flourish and which contributes to building a business which delivers profitable, sustainable results.

It’s important to recognise that within a diverse workforce each person may have a different workplace experience, in part defined by their gender, sexual orientation, age, race, personal beliefs, physical capability, seniority and socio-economic background. The challenges each person faces in their daily lives may be overlooked, unseen or unsupported, meaning employees might be disengaged and not able to fulfil their potential.

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We also know that the best performing firms are representative of a diverse pool of talent. But, particularly in our industry, entrenched biases in business and hiring practices have created insurmountable barriers to entry and glass ceilings within organisations.

The Inclusion & Diversity Committee has been created to identify any facets of our business that might impede Canopius’ commitment to create a working experience which gives everyone the freedom to perform and to bring their whole selves to work. It was also created to ensure that we are doing all we can to engage a diverse population of recruits, employees and business partners.

We encourage all Canopians to join us in focusing on inclusion and diversity, because it’s not just for those who face difficulties each day. I&D is about everyone. To succeed, we all need to be aware of the challenges our colleagues face and we all have to be made aware of the barriers that are holding back talent. It’s on every one of us to make positive changes to foster a distinctive culture.

Why is Canopius focusing on
  • Inclusion
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