Our Culture & Values

At Canopius, we genuinely want to foster a positive and winning culture. A culture which gives space for us all to flourish as people and which contributes to building a business which delivers profitable, sustainable results.

This articulation isn’t an exercise in corporate vanity, nor is it a rule book. It is a sincere effort at capturing the essence of what is distinctive about Canopius, how we want to be with each other and what is genuinely aspired to.


We create a support system that gives skilled people the power to take action. We provide the information, tools and support for them to take initiatives, solve problems and make the right decisions for our clients and each other. And wherever we can, we remove unnecessary barriers and bureaucracy.

“We want our staff to be themselves and bring their best selves to work.”


We’ll always strive to improve, grow and learn. We’ll try harder to make our ideas become reality and lean into our energy, passion and enthusiasm. We’re always aiming for progress for our staff, our clients, and as an insurance industry as a whole.

“We don’t accept that there’s just one way of doing things. We believe, if you look, there’s always a way to do better and achieve more.”


Everybody counts. All of us have a unique role in making this company successful. We respect that people have different experiences, skills and abilities and we actively look to bring these collective capabilities to bear, because by working together we can accomplish more than any of us could do on our own.

“By working together, both with our clients and each other, we can create certainty in an uncertain world.”


We’re reliable. We have integrity. We believe it matters how we behave – to each other, our clients and partners. Always. No exceptions. We pride ourselves on world-class service for our clients and are judged by what they say about us. If we do say ‘no’, we’ll do so quickly and give informed reasons for our decision.

“We keep our promises and commitments. We make sure we do the right thing by our clients and each other.”


We take an active interest in our clients’ businesses and the areas in which they operate. We’re action-orientated and resourceful, with a ‘learning’ mindset, and we like to move quickly and flexibly in the way we think and work. We embrace change and are ready to grow and adapt to what the future may bring.

“We enjoy a challenge and believe there’s always a way to get something done.”


We recognise that different people will have different experiences and views, according to their age, race, sex, class, beliefs and capabilities. We believe it’s important to respect individual views. Equally, there may be unseen barriers holding people back, stopping them from realising their full potential.

“We believe that by creating a caring and positive working environment, we can individually – and collectively – flourish.”

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