Internships with Canopius

Internships with Canopius: Explore your future

The Canopius Summer Internship Programme is a dynamic five-week programme designed to provide you with an invaluable opportunity to earn the London living wage while developing essential skills for your future career. This rewarding experience offers placements across four key departments: Underwriting, Marketing & Communications, Actuarial, and Risk & Governance. Each role is crafted to enhance your professional growth and give you a comprehensive understanding of the insurance industry.

Join us this summer and take the first step towards a successful career with Canopius. Explore the possibilities, gain practical experience, and build a foundation for your future in a supportive and stimulating environment.

Why Apply for an Internship at Canopius?

Taking on an internship with Canopius offers numerous benefits and advantages that can significantly impact your career trajectory.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider an internship:

An internship will widen the breadth of your experience, adding valuable content to your CV that will make you stand out to future employers. By gaining insurance industry experience you’re also making yourself more employable, and practical exposure to your field is highly valued by potential employers and can give you a competitive edge.

Test if the job is the right fit for you. Internships allow you to experience the day-to-day realities of a profession, helping you make informed career decisions.

Get exposure to senior professionals within the business. This interaction not only enhances your learning but also provides opportunities to make a meaningful impact in your business area.

Internships can be a pathway to permanent roles. Impress during your internship, and you will be in a stronger position for future job openings within the company.

Grow your network within the industry. The connections you make during your internship can be invaluable for future career opportunities.

Build confidence in a professional work setting. The experience you gain will help you feel more comfortable and capable in professional environments.

Put your theoretical knowledge to the test in a practical setting. Applying what you’ve learned in the classroom to real-world situations deepens your understanding and skillset.

Hone specific skills that are valuable in your desired career path. Tailored experiences help you develop expertise that is directly relevant to your future goals.

Differentiate yourself from candidates with similar academic qualifications but less practical experience. Real-world experience sets you apart in a crowded job market.

Increase your self-esteem within professional environments. Successfully navigating the challenges of an internship can significantly boost your confidence and self-assuredness.

By undertaking an internship with us, you not only enhance your CV but also gain invaluable insights, skills, and connections that will propel your career forward. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a substantial impact on your professional journey. Apply now and take the first step towards a promising future!


You must have legal right to work in the UK as our internship roles are not ones we can sponsor.
You will not be able to apply for an internship:

  • If you are currently undertaking another internship, work experience or qualification which will prevent you from working full time for five weeks from 29th July – 30th August 2024.
  • If you are applying for the Underwriting internship and you are not a current university student.
  • If you are applying for the Actuarial internship and you are not a second year undergraduate student within a mathematical subject.

The positions available


What is Actuarial? Actuarial refers to the field of analysing financial risks by implementing statistical, financial, and mathematical theories. In the insurance industry, actuaries are people who analyse data to evaluate risk and help underwriters calculate important statistics. They aid in assessing risks, which help companies in the estimation of premiums for their policies. Actuaries most commonly work for insurance companies.

Applications have now closed for this role.

Risk & Governance

What is Risk and Governance? Risk management and risk taking are an integral part of our organisation. The risk team is responsible for facilitating and monitoring the implementation of effective risk management across the business. They enable the business to effectively manage risk in pursuit of its business strategies and objectives. The governance department is part of the Risk & Governance function and supports the boards and senior leadership within Canopius Group with the management and oversight of legal and regulatory risk. Their role is to ensure that appropriate decisions are made by the right people on an informed basis.

Applications have now closed for this role.

Marketing & Communications

What is Marketing and Communications? In a B2B (business-to-business) insurance firm, the marketing and communications role is critical in driving business growth, establishing brand reputation, and fostering strong relationships with clients. A few key responsibilities include brand management, market research and analysis, event management, internal communications and measurement and reporting.

Applications have now closed for this role.


What is Underwriting? Canopius is an underwriting company; we insure things! Our underwriters establish pricing for accepted insurable risks. The term underwriting means receiving remuneration for the willingness to pay a potential risk. Underwriters use knowledge, specialized software and actuarial data to determine the likelihood and magnitude of a risk and therefore set a premium to be paid for that cover.

Applications have now closed for this role.


What is the difference between an apprenticeship and an internship?
One key difference between internships and apprenticeships is the duration. The summer internships last five weeks, whereas the apprenticeships will last two years. The internships provide work experience for students where they can utilise their skills to support their teams on key projects. On the other hand, an apprentice will receive training from an apprenticeship provider and therefore work towards a qualification.

Will I get paid to do an internship at Canopius?
You will be paid the London living wage for the duration of the internship.

What is the duration of an internship?
The internship will last for five weeks (29th July – 30th August 2024)

What kind of internships are available at Canopius?
We are offering internships across Underwriting, Risk & Governance, Actuarial, and Marketing & Communications.