Apprenticeships with Canopius: Learn while you earn

Apprenticeships offer a great alternative to university for those who want to ‘earn as they learn’. All of our apprenticeship placements are permanent roles, so there is no need to worry about finding a job when the apprenticeship comes to an end.

Apprentices study for nationally recognised qualifications in the UK – a Canopius apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to work for a great company while learning new skills, like interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills and setting yourself for a long and successful career in professional and financial services.

We are a specialty (re)insurance company, so offer apprenticeships to those who wish to write insurance policies as an underwriter. But as an international business with hundreds of employees, we have many departments and opportunities for people looking for careers in any number of fields, from finance to HR.

Watch this video to hear about what Canopius can offer you as an apprentice.

Canopius apprenticeships video - Unlocking opportunities

Watch this video to find out more about our current apprentices’ experiences.

Canopius apprenticeships video - Apprenticeship experience

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An apprenticeship is the chance to jump into a real role, taking on responsibility and learning new skills from day one. Working alongside experienced Canopius employees, managers and external clients or suppliers, our apprentices gain a wealth of experience as well as job-specific skills.

The main benefit of an apprenticeship is that you can earn as well as learn. Our apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16, although you’ll need to make sure you meet the academic entry requirements. These vary by scheme – you can find out more by taking a look at our job descriptions and requirements.

Our apprentices don’t pay anything towards their apprenticeship. All training costs are covered, and we pay you a competitive starting salary. There’s no catch; it really is earning while you are learning.

It depends on the apprenticeship you apply for. We are offering apprenticeships at a Level 3 in areas such as Underwriting, Operations and Compliance. Typically, our apprenticeships last between 15 months and two years. Once completed, you will transition into an entry-level role to progress your career.

Our apprenticeships are designed so they offer a structured programme that takes the apprentices through the skills they need to eventually be working at the standard required for the role.

Our apprentices study while they work. We do this through a combination of online study with our training providers and off-the-job learning. This might be on one day a week or a block of days/hours at a time.

Once we and our training provider are confident you have learnt all you need and are working at the required standard, you will take an End Point Assessment. This is a series of practical tests or an oral discussion designed for you to demonstrate what you can do. We will work with you to make sure you only take these tests when you are confident you are ready.

Canopius apprenticeships available are from a diverse cross section within the financial sector.

For example, if you enjoy law you may wish to consider a vocation in our Legal, Compliance, Risk or Claims departments.

If you love maths and geography you may wish to consider a career in Finance or Actuary.

If you enjoy projects, tasks and working with people you may enjoy a path in Operations, IT or HR.

Our Human Resources team are here to guide and support you as you begin to discover your career path.


You must have legal right to work in the UK as our apprentice roles are not ones we can sponsor.
You will not be able to apply for an apprenticeship:

  • Where you have already achieved the skills, knowledge and behaviours that would form part of the apprenticeship you have applied for.
  • Where you hold qualifications, in the same subject area, that are at a higher grade than the apprenticeship you have applied for.
  • If you are currently undertaking another apprenticeship or qualification which won’t be completed by September 2024.
  • If the apprenticeship replicates learning you have already completed elsewhere.

The Application Process

Please apply through the following links for September 2024 apprenticeship programme.


What is an insurance apprenticeship at Canopius?
An insurance apprenticeship at Canopius is a structured training programme that combines practical work experience in the insurance industry with studying for nationally recognised qualifications. It’s a unique opportunity to ‘earn as you learn’ and gain a foothold in the professional and financial services sector.

Who is eligible for the Canopius insurance apprenticeship programme?
The programme is open to individuals who are keen to start a career in insurance without taking the university route. Applicants should have a strong interest in the field of insurance and be committed to learning and developing their skills.

What qualifications will I achieve during the apprenticeship?
Apprentices will work towards achieving relevant professional qualifications that are recognised nationally within the UK. The specific qualifications will depend on the area of insurance you are training in.

How long does the apprenticeship last?
The duration of the apprenticeship can vary depending on the role and the qualifications being undertaken. Typically, an apprenticeship at Canopius can last between one to four years.

Will I be paid during the apprenticeship?
Yes, all apprentices at Canopius earn a competitive salary while they learn and gain experience.