• Claims



Providing an outstanding claims service to our clients, both brokers and policyholders, is of paramount importance. When a claim happens it can be a worrying time for our (re)insured and they need assurance that their claim will be handled fairly, promptly and efficiently with the appropriate support and advice provided. It is the quality, speed, clarity of communication and professionalism of our claims service which provides that assurance.

Our claims vision is "to deliver the best global claims experience through talented people who are passionate about claims."

In order to fulfil this vision we have embedded and committed to the following:

  • We listen to our brokers and clients to shape our claims service

  • We value the high level of commercial understanding that our claims professional demonstrate and the coordination between our claims and underwriting teams is vital

  • We apply our PACE principles to everything we do, whoever the claims handler, whatever the claim or class of business