Marine Insurance-2020

We provide insurance across a broad range of marine from our platform at Lloyd’s in London and through our operations in the US and Singapore. We take pride in the levels of service and technical expertise we offer and our ability to underwrite complex business to meet the needs of our clients.

We offer protection for worldwide general cargo risks on a primary and excess basis, covering both transit and stock. We provide coverage for physical damage and for financial consequences following physical loss or damage.

We cover Fortune 500 companies for stock and transit, especially assureds with specialist and high value exposures. This may include hi-tech organisations, major power companies and satellite companies. We also underwrite general cargo in transit, project cargo and space.

This business is written through Lloyd’s brokers and we work closely with our intermediaries to provide products appropriate to their clients’ requirements. We take pride in the levels of service and technical expertise we offer and in our willingness to look at more complex business. We aim to write a broad spectrum of business to both the large and niche brokers.

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Change trends diving credit risk in 2020

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By Scott Morrison

We write a portfolio comprising of brown-water tonnage, offshore supply vessels, builders risks, war, increased value, port property, tow and voyages, mortgagees interest and yachts.

In addition to ports and terminals, we can also provide cover for piers, jetties, wharves and marinas. We provide cover for both physical loss / damage and business interruption. These can be written as packages together with the liability. Cover can also be provided for certain non-marine facilities such as port buildings, warehouses, shipyard facilities and the like. We can also provide cover for handling equipment and business interruption.

We provide H&M cover for brown water vessels including tugs, barges and offshore supply vessels. We also provide cover in respect of increased value, excess H&M, mortgagees’ interest, port risks, and general average disbursement insurance for all kinds of vessels.

We are a respected lead of tow risks and single voyages under own power. Own-power voyages could be vessels going for break-up or delivery voyages. We set up the Gemini Consortium in 2011 to write these risks which we lead. We have the ability to issue blue cards for the Bunker, Nairobi and CLC liability conventions under this facility.

We have a dedicated in-house binder team to facilitate leading binders.

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We offer marine liability protection for vessels and shore-side related exposures. Business may be written on both a primary and excess basis.

We offer a broad range of products including:

  • Vessel protection and indemnity (protecting ship owners for liabilities arising out of the operations of their vessels)
  • Pollution (including US “brown water” tug, barge and fishing vessels)
  • Charterers’ liability
  • Shipyard
  • Terminal and port authority liabilities

Other classes of business within the portfolio include:

  • Maritime employers’ liability
  • Marine professional indemnity (including shipping agents, ship managers, shipbrokers, marine surveyors and marine consultants)

Our underwriters have extensive expertise and lead specialist and specifically designed coverage to meet clients’ requirements. We also have a dedicated in-house binder team to facilitate leading binders.

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Canopius Proteus Profile
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We write a wide range of US ocean marine business focusing on marine liability and hull. As a technically strong and experienced team, we adopt a commercially-minded approach and can provide clients with A+ admitted paper.

We offer marine legal liability cover in the following areas:

  • Ship repairers
  • Wharfingers
  • Stevedores
  • Charterers
  • Terminal operators
  • Protection and indemnity
  • Marine general liability
  • Excess liability

We have the ability to write excess above our own primary.
We also write marine hull and machinery across a wide range of vessel operations including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial fishing
  • Tug and barge
  • Blue water vessels
  • Dredges
  • Dry docks
  • Passenger-carrying vessels
  • Builders risk insurance

Broad conditions, such as liner negligence, extended adventures and perils clauses, as well as TLO options, are also available. We offer both standard and tailored options, offering the best solutions for our clients’ needs.

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