I am pleased to report progress in our fourth Gender Pay Gap Report.

At our core, we wish our employees to flourish as individuals, and that requires an open-minded business that does not differentiate between the way that men and women are able to progress at Canopius.

Throughout what was an unprecedented year, which challenged us in so many ways, I am pleased to report a further drop in our mean salary gap.

We have made leaps and bounds in our dedication to our inclusion and diversity agenda as a whole and despite the challenges we faced in rapidly moving to remote working, we have also broken down some barriers for working parents and care givers, by enabling them to retain their career and ongoing development with us while balancing other responsibilities.

We are confident that we pay our staff equally for equal work, but we are aware that within our industry women are generally under-represented in the most senior and highly compensated roles. That is why we continue to make efforts to help women take on more challenges and provide learning opportunities to support deserved progression into more senior roles.

This report shows our latest data for Canopius Managing Agents in comparison to our 2019 report to demonstrate how we continue to reduce the gender pay gap.

Michael Watson, Chairman

Download our report:

Canopius Gender Pay Gap Report 2020