VAVE media image of flood

Flood risk drivers: Rising sea levels, extreme weather & the moon

Rob Porter, Product Director at VAVE, talks to PropertyCasualty360 about rising sea levels, helping homeowners to understand the flood risk of their properties and the importance of offering policyholders’ choice.

The 2030s are expected to usher in 10 years of increasing flood threats due to the moon’s cycle.

In recent years, cities along the U.S. coastline saw record-breaking high tide flooding, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). During 2019, the southeast saw a threefold increase in flooding days. In the western Gulf Coast, the increase was greater than fivefold.

“As a Chesapeake Bay resident, I see the flooding firsthand, and it is getting worse. Records seem to be set every year,” William Sweet, Ph.D., an oceanographer for NOAA’s National Ocean Service, said in a release. “Communities are straddled with this growing problem.”

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