Cyber Consulting Services

What we do
We collaborate with your team to develop or improve your security program, analyse, and comprehend threats to your organisation.

We offer the following:

  • Threat Intelligence Reports
    Stay ahead of the cyber threats with our comprehensive, bespoke reports providing up-to-date insights into the threat landscape, your organisation’s digital footprint, threat actors, and their techniques.
  • Strategy & Risk Management
    We can consult and advise organisations looking to bolster or renovate their cyber risk management programs or review their existing strategy so that they can confidently navigate the digital landscape.
  • Governance & Compliance Facilitation
    Whether you are aligning to new regulation or to a new security framework, we can provide advice, assessments and support to help ensure regulatory compliance and streamline you security governance.
  • Policy & Procedure Development
    We can help plug holes in your security policies, providing tailored policies and procedures crafted to reinforce your cybersecurity foundation, aligned with industry best practices.
  • Table-Top Exercises
    Test and enhance your incident response preparedness and crisis response with our immersive table-top simulations.
  • Security Awareness & Training Sessions
    Empower your team with interactive sessions that foster a cyber-aware culture and fortify against attacks. We can provide training sessions to specific teams, roles or functions, or to the entire workforce.

What sets us apart?

  • We are one of the few insurers to offer this solution, giving you a holistic approach to your cyber insurance needs.
  • This team sits within our Analytics and Insight team which is constantly monitoring new threat developments, allowing your business to stay ahead of cyber threat developments.

Our world-wide Cyber Insurance Services

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