Meet the VAVE team – Emma McGovern, Head of Client Success

Q: How did you end up in VAVE?
A: I joined Canopius as a graduate after completing my degree in Natural Hazard Science in Bristol University. Having spent nearly seven years in the catastrophe management team as catastrophe risk manager for treaty property, I moved into the world of InsurTech.

I started working for a London based series B start-up with a focus on commercial property. This was an opportunity to shift my focus away from modelling and analytics, and towards client success which is a relatively new role in the world of insurance.

Q: What are the best aspects of your job?
A: I love the mix of the technical and client-facing aspects of my job, which means it’s rarely the same each day.

As the conduit between our product partners and VAVE, I get to work closely across most functions within VAVE, with the task of then executing our overarching strategies “on the ground” with our product partners.

I’m excited about continuing to build relationships with our product partners and advocating on their behalf – I have always liked the fact that relationships remain the pulse of the insurance industry. The challenge in my role is to blend tech and data driven decision making into these partnerships to maximise their potential.

Last but not least, the team! Having a “small but mighty” team with plenty of fun.

Q: What are you working on right now?
A: Lots of onboarding clients! We have some really exciting partners that we are currently integrating into our APIs, including our first commercial product partner, and a lot of my focus right now is getting these up and running successfully over the next few weeks and months and monitoring their progress.

Q: What is your next big project on the horizon?
A: Maximising the potential of existing partnerships. We’ve been in business with most of our partners now for a little over a year, so those portfolios are becoming more developed. The next challenge is to understand where we can go next – What does our data tell us? What insights have our partners found? Where can we improve the product and where do we see the key opportunities for VAVE and our product partners?