Heavy Industry Insurance

We offer heavy industry protection across the globe with a focus on mining and chemical sub industries. Our extensive experience and expertise in this area places us at the forefront of the market.

We add value for our clients by providing coverage and expertise in niche areas. We also have access to the added expertise of a fully qualified engineer who can review underwriting information, provide site surveys and offer guidance to clients where required.

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach, which enables us to develop tailored solutions for clients. In the long-term, we strive to develop partnerships with all of our clients.

Across mining we cover all commodities including: coal, copper, zinc and diamonds. This encompasses both above and below ground risks and associated processing and refining techniques. We are also able to write coverage for the mining of steel and aluminium.

All forms of chemical risk are covered, including both organic and inorganic, from batch mixing through to reaction under pressure or heat. For both mining and chemical, we underwrite all risks of physical loss or damage, including machinery breakdown and business interruption coverage.

We also have additional capacity for mining cover from Travelers Syndicate 5000 at Lloyd’s, which means that full capacity for our mining portfolio has been extended to US$30m. This additional capacity gives us more capability to lead business and will better allow us to service our clients and brokers. The capacity is underwritten by Spencer Pearce on behalf of Travelers Syndicate, as a consortium through Lloyd’s.

Further information:

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