Gender Pay Gap Report

I am pleased to be able to report on our progress for the second Canopius Managing Agents Gender Pay Gap Report.

We continue to believe that this requirement to publish these figures will be a positive move to help remove any differences between the way men and women progress within businesses.

We are pleased to have made some positive changes, which have resulted in a drop in our mean salary gap. Canopius is committed to a diverse and balanced workforce, based on our talented pool of people. We are confident that we pay our staff equally, but like others in the insurance industry, women have been underrepresented in the most senior and revenue generating roles in our business. We have taken steps to address this and have promoted 23 women in the last 12 months, consequently working on closing the gap. More work still needs to be done and we are committed to achieving an improved gender pay balance on an ongoing basis.

This report shows our new data in comparison to our last report to demonstrate how we have reduced the gender pay gap. We will continue to look closely at these commitments and work hard to address them.

Mike Duffy,

Gender Pay Gap Report