Gender pay gap report

I am pleased to be able to introduce the first Canopius Managing Agents Gender Pay Gap Report.
We believe that this new requirement to publish these figures will be a positive move to help remove any differences between the way men and women progress within businesses.

Canopius is committed to a diverse and balanced workforce based on our talented pool of people. We are confident that we pay our staff equally, but like others in the insurance industry women have been underrepresented in the most senior and revenue generating roles in our business. We are taking steps to address this, and are proud that as from March 2018, our Executive team is 50:50 men and women. More work needs to be done and we are committed to achieving an improved gender pay balance.

This report has highlighted some issues. We will be looking closely at these and working hard to address them, and you will see more details about this in the following pages.

Mike Duffy,

Download this Report:

Canopius Gender Pay Gap Report March 2018