Canopius has been operating in the Asia Pacific region (APAC) for more than 10 years, writing risks from Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney. Our focus is a combination of treaty reinsurance, wholesale direct and facultative property and casualty as well SME business via coverholders and brokers. Canopius opened an office in Sydney in 2019 to complement our growing APAC operations.

Our specialist underwriters offer our brokers and clients a technical approach to pricing and breadth of knowledge. Through application of our underwriting expertise and technical, proactive approach, we have the capability and flexibility to respond swiftly to market developments and structure products to match our clients’ needs.

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The Singapore direct and facultative insurance portfolio mirrors the lines Canopius leads from London, with specialities including:

Accident & Health
We write personal accident excess of loss business either on a standalone basis or to offer a holistic approach combined with other reinsurance lines of business. Appetite for per person and/or per event excess of loss, stop loss and pro-rata.

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Marine Cargo, Hull
We offer protection for worldwide general cargo risks on a primary and excess basis, covering both transit and stock. We provide coverage for physical damage and for financial consequences following physical loss or damage.

We also write a hull portfolio comprising of brown-water tonnage, offshore supply vessels, builders risks, war, increased value, port property, tow and voyages, mortgagees interest and yachts.

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Energy, Renewables
We write a predominantly upstream and midstream energy account from our office in Singapore. We pride ourselves on our in-depth experience, superior service and ability to lead business.

We offer protection for energy property physical damage, offshore construction all risks, excess third party liability and operators’ extra expense / control-of-well risks.

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Construction & Engineering
We work closely with intermediaries to provide products appropriate to their distribution channels and complex client requirements. We employ a specialist team that enables us to take a leading role in the market, providing the necessary critical experience and expertise.

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Credit & Political Risk
We participate on both large syndicated placements and a number of risks on a 100% basis. The business is written mainly through Lloyd’s brokers with whom we work closely to provide cover appropriate to their clients’ requirements. We have the capacity, ability, preference and general appetite to lead business; we take a lead or co-lead position for most risks in which we participate.

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Terrorism & Political Violence
We write a diverse Terrorism & Political Violence account with a mix of global industrial accounts and country-specific commercial risks. The portfolio encompasses business written in over 150 countries, with a focus on Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa.

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Property Direct & Facultative
Our priority is to find a solution that will fit clients’ needs and our appetite; we are willing to take all business into consideration. We offer a technical approach to pricing and breadth of knowledge from specialist underwriters who travel extensively to maintain their knowledge of their markets, clients and products. Through the application of our underwriting expertise and proactive approach, we have the capability and flexibility to respond swiftly to market developments and structure bespoke products.

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The Australia direct and facultative insurance portfolio includes:

Delegated Authorities
Our Delegated Authorities – Australia team specialises in binding authority business written by way of delegated underwriting authorities to managing general agents. We can lead or offer capacity as a follow market for property, casualty and other types of binding arrangements. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and service, supported by strong underwriting, actuarial and claims capabilities.

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We write a portfolio of Public & Products Liability, Umbrella, Excess of Loss and Binder risks located in Australia and New Zealand.
Target industries include but are not limited to; construction, manufacturing, food & beverage processing, logistics & small freight distribution, property owners, services to mining, sports liability, film & entertainment, home businesses and many more.
Clients cover the SME and Corporate sectors predominantly on a Primary basis and can include Major clients via Excess of Loss.
We specialise in complex risks with some sort of “twist” that will enable us to manually underwrite and provide a real differentiation in terms of understanding and service from our peers.
We offer flexibility in terms of pricing and coverage options including the ability to provide tailored bespoke solutions for your clients.

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Accident & Health
We write an international Accident & Health account across a broad range of classes, protecting both groups and individuals in many parts of the world. We cover a variety of trades and company sizes and a wide range of occupational classes.

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Lloyd’s Australia is a subscriber to the General Insurance Code of Practice in Australia. Canopius Asia Pte Ltd, trading as Canopius Australia & Pacific, is a Lloyd’s Coverholder and has also adopted the General Insurance Code of Practice.

Canopius Australia-Pacific Policies:

Family Violence Policy
Customer Vulnerability Policy
Product Design, Development & Distribution Policy
Financial Hardship Policy

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