Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

We offer protection for world-wide general cargo risks on a primary and excess basis, covering both transit and stock. We provide coverage for physical loss or damage during sea, air or land journey. We cover Fortune 500 companies for stock and transit, especially assureds with specialist and high-value exposures; this may include hi-tech organisations, major power companies and satellite companies. We also underwrite general cargo in transit, project cargo and space.

We aim to write a broad spectrum of business to both the large and niche brokers, working closely with intermediaries to provide insurance solutions to their clients’ requirements. We take pride in the levels of service and technical expertise we offer and, in our willingness, to view more complex business.


Capacity $50m USD

What we do

  • Cargo stock throughput
  • Excess stock
  • Complex, unusual specialist cargos
  • Project cargo including delay in start up
  • Liquid cargo
  • Dry Bulk commodities


Capacity $37.5m USD

What we do

  • Satellite pre-launch
  • Cargo stock throughput
  • Excess stock
  • Complex, unusual specialist cargos
  • Project cargo including DSU
  • Excess cargo liability
  • Liquid cargo

US & Bermuda

Capacity $30m USD – Ocean cargo per location

Capacity $20m USD – Ocean cargo per shipment

What we do

  • General cargo
  • Bulk commodities (including liquid)
  • Refrigerated cargoes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturers
  • Clothing/textiles


What is covered by Canopius’ Marine Cargo Insurance?
Canopius offers protection for worldwide general cargo risks on both a primary and excess basis. This includes coverage for physical loss or damage during sea, air, or land journeys.

We cover a range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, with a focus on stock and transit insurance.

This coverage extends to specialised and high-value exposures, which may involve hi-tech organisations, major power companies, and satellite companies.

What is Marine vs Cargo Insurance?
Marine Insurance is a broad type of insurance that covers a range of risks associated with the transportation of goods and vessels overseas, including the ships themselves, the cargo, and any potential liabilities.

On the other hand, Cargo Insurance is more specific and focuses solely on protecting the goods being transported against loss or damage during transit, whether by sea, air, or land.

In essence, Cargo Insurance is a part of marine insurance, specifically tailored for the goods in transit.

Does Canopius provide international coverage?
Yes, our coverage is global. This means whether your cargo is being shipped across oceans, flown over continents, or transported overland across countries, it’s protected against physical loss or damage.

This international scope is crucial for businesses that operate on a global scale, ensuring that their goods are safeguarded throughout their journey.