Marine War – ShipWRITE

Marine War Insurance – ShipWRITE


ShipWRITE is our Marine War digital platform. It offers a digital war risk solution for placement of Annual War and Breach Additional Premium (AP) risks.

It is a quote and bind online portal that allows marine brokers to input voyages and vessel details to receive an instant quote price.

ShipWRITE’s digital platform has world-wide vessel tracking and can give live updates and notifications of a vessel tracking, and sends a notification if the vessel has moved into an Additional Premium (AP) zone.


What sets Canopius’ Marine War digital platform, ShipWRITE, apart?

  • Reduction in wait times as this quote and bind platform is instant.
  • Transparency for both the underwriter and broker as they are both working off the same online platform and referrals can be easily answered. This is an instant enhancement to the relationship with ease of doing business.
  • Vessel tracking and notifications are automatic and demonstrate a proactive approach to ensure the coverage is available if needed.
  • Pricing is competitive and fair, based on a data-based risk-rating matrix.
  • The quote and bind online portal is easy to use, intuitive and can be completed in just two minutes.
  • Our strength in third-party data means you will only need to input International Maritime Organization (IMO) number, voyage details and insured values.


We can offer lines of up to 25% or $100 million limit, whichever is the lesser.

Geographical locations

Currently Canopius will accept risks from all international locations except Iran, North Korea and Cuba.

Access our portal here

Canopius ShipWRITE Portal

Speak to one of our specialist underwriters to get registered with ShipWRITE.


How user-friendly is the ShipWRITE platform?
The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, enabling brokers to complete the entire quote and bind process in as little as two minutes. This user-friendly interface simplifies the submission of necessary data and speeds up the war risk insurance process.

How does ShipWRITE ensure the accuracy of its tracking and notifications?
ShipWRITE utilises advanced tracking technologies and integrates real-time data to provide precise and timely updates. This includes automatic notifications if a vessel enters designated Additional Premium zones, ensuring that brokers and underwriters are always informed of potential changes in risk exposure.

Can brokers see the status of their submissions and referrals?
Yes, the ShipWRITE platform allows brokers and underwriters to view and manage their submissions and referrals directly on the platform, facilitating quicker responses and better management of the underwriting process.

How does ShipWRITE contribute to war risk insurance?
The ShipWRITE platform significantly enhances war risk insurance by providing a streamlined, efficient process for brokers and underwriters. This advanced digital platform ensures that war risk insurance is managed effectively, with real-time updates and automatic notifications through world-wide vessel tracking, making it a reliable war risk solution.