Operational Excellence

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The success of our claims function is of paramount importance to our business. The promise of paying out all valid claims as promptly and fairly as possible is our guarantee. To ensure we are the envy of the market where it comes to claims management, we are building a function that is responsive and timely, with market leading in-house expertise for complex claims coupled with the ability to efficiently handle low value, low complexity claims through trusted TPAs. Our claims team is also managing our legal spend and carefully controlling leakage.

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We are dedicated to building a more digitally enabled Canopius, through timely and relevant management information. This means building more a more flexible and scalable IT platform and investing in more modern architecture. With this in place, we will be able to develop simple, repeatable, and cost effective processes as well as strong internal controls that allow us to measure and improve how we operate.

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We are focusing on capital efficiency by avoiding capital fragmentation while balancing financial and operational leverage and by leveraging Lloyd’s ratings and licences. Canopius will also continue to take advantage of advanced capital modelling, maintaining prudent reserves, and we will continue to optimise our investment returns through sophisticated asset allocation and good portfolio management. We will also consistently aim for a competitive expense ratio through smart management of our budgets.