Management & Professional Lines Insurance – Professional Errors & Omissions

Management & Professional Lines Insurance – Professional Errors & Omissions

Management liability insurance shields businesses, executives, directors, board members, and managers from legal actions stemming from alleged mismanagement or wrongful acts.

With substantial expertise in E&O underwriting and technical know-how, we craft innovative solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements.

Our experience spans the spectrum of risks, from startups to well-established entities, including those with intricate structures. We term these unique risk challenges as ‘Standard with a Twist.’

Whether it’s Management Liability Insurance or Risk Management Insurance, we’re here to guide you through the complexities and provide comprehensive coverage.

What we do

We provide additional coverage options for the following types of insurance. Our policies can be tailored to align with your risk management requirements, with the choice of shared or separate limits, all within the scope of Professional Liability Insurance.

  • Accountants Professional Liability Insurance (APL)
  • Architects & Engineers Professional Liability Insurance (A&E)
  • Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance (LPL)
  • Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance (MPL) standalone or blended with Cyber (First and third-party)

Target customers


  • Accounting firms with annual revenues > $20m (excluding the ‘big four’)


  • All size design firms
  • Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, land surveyors
  • Engineers including, but not limited to, civil, electrical, environmental, fire protection, forensic, geotechnical, HVAC, mechanical, and structural
  • Other Licensed Design Professionals
  • Client Specific Excess Insurance available


  • Law firms with > 25 attorneys


  • Miscellaneous Professionals with annual revenues > $25m

Professional E&O – Carrier Partners and Financial Strength Ratings

  • Syndicate 4444, shares the Lloyd’s ratings of:
    • AA- (Very Strong), Standard & Poor’s
    • AA– (Very Strong), Fitch
    • A (Excellent), AM Best
  • Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company (US Branch):
    • A++ (Superior) and AA+ issuer credit rating, AM Best
    • AA- (Stable outlook), Standard & Poor’s

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What Does Errors & Omissions Insurance Cover?
Insurance for Errors and Omissions, also known as Professional Liability Insurance, provides coverage for legal claims arising from professional mistakes, negligence, or omissions in the services or advice provided by professionals and businesses.

It typically covers legal defence costs, settlements, or judgments related to claims of professional errors, misrepresentation, negligence, or failure to deliver promised services.

Is Errors and Omissions Insurance Worth It?
Insurance for Errors and Omissions is often worth it for professionals and businesses whose work involves providing services, advice, or expertise to clients.

It offers financial protection in case of legal claims, which can be costly to defend against and potentially damaging to a reputation.

The decision to purchase E&O Insurance should be based on the specific risks associated with your profession or business and the potential financial impact of a lawsuit.

Who Typically Carries Errors & Omission Insurance?
Errors and Omissions Insurance is commonly carried by professionals and businesses in various industries, including:

  • Consultants: Management consultants, IT consultants, financial advisors, and other professionals who offer advice
  • Real Estate Agents: Realtors and property agents who facilitate real estate transactions
  • Attorneys: Lawyers who provide legal services and advice
  • Medical Professionals: Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers who offer medical services
  • Insurance Brokers: Agents and brokers who sell insurance policies
  • Financial Advisors: Professionals who provide financial planning and investment advice
  • Technology Companies: Software developers, IT service providers, and tech companies
  • Architects and Engineers: Design and construction professionals
  • Media and Entertainment: Writers, broadcasters, and entertainers
  • Accountants: Certified public accountants (CPAs) and accounting firms